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MILITEC-1 is a clear golden synthetic liquid resembling an SAE 10-weight oil. When MILITEC-1 is added to the primary lubricant of any machine, it will increase operating efficiency, extend equipment life, reduce downtime and cut unscheduled maintenance.

Even though MILITEC-1 is added to the oil, it is not an oil additive. MILITEC-1 contains no viscosity enhancers or other oil augmentation compounds. It does not modify the primary lubricant in any way.

Instead, MILITEC-1 is a metal conditioner. MILITEC-1 simply uses the circulating oil as a mean to reach the critical hot spots and metallic friction surfaces within the machinery. When the oil carries MILITEC-1 to these areas, MILITEC-1 exits the oil, leaving the oil completely unaffected and unchanged.


  • Reduction of harmful tailpipe emissions in all gasoline, Diesel and two cycle engines
  • Twenty-four hour lubrication to all metal surfaces
  • Reduced operating temperatures at all metal friction points
  • Increased power using the same energy
  • Reduced oxidation, thermal decomposition, corrosion and wear
  • Greater efficiency in electric motors, alternators and generators
  • Less energy required in engine start-ups, regardless of weather conditions
  • Does not adversely affect the viscosity of the primary lubricant
  • Long lasting -- Remains bonded to metal surfaces even after several oil changes
  • Protects for extended periods even if primary lubricant is lost, or is contaminated by fuel, anti-freeze or combustion by-products
  • Reduces material build-up. Contaminants and wear metals cannot cement themselves to MILITEC-1-protected surfaces.


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